We've given some thought as to how our creations impact the environment and society as a whole, and we'd like to share it with you...

  • Many of the fabrics we use are from upcycled vintage garments. Because we're treasure hunters we like to look for quality and individuality. Second-hand fashion shopper, Laura Timberlake did a nice little blog post on us on A Little Boutique Near Home and we had a nice conversation about the joys of discovering great vintage.
  • The kangaroo leather we use is sourced in Australia. Did you know that kangaroo leather is known to have a lighter carbon footprint than other leathers? The reason for this is that kangaroos are not farmed, but harvested only by licensed hunters approved by the Australian Government. Moreover, there are only four species of kangaroos, which are in great abundance, that are allowed to be harvested. You can find out more interesting facts from the Australian Department of Sustainability.
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