Seen on the streets of Melbourne, Munich and Barcelona, our range of backpacks are light-weight, durable and comfortable to wear and carry. The design is unisex and suits girls and boys of all ages and sizes!

Designed with 100% kangaroo leather for the base and straps, the resilience of this wonderful material is incomparable. The light-weight nature and strength of this leather offers itself to graceful wear and tear scars, hence why it is our leather of choice.

The fabric we select will be a colour combination of complimenting or contrasting prints and colours. The outer shell is normally a heavy canvas or upholstery fabric or thick drill, while the lining we choose will be a high quality cotton.

We also design a full leather, lined backpack.

The backpack features one large external leather pocket with a complimenting button closure. There is also a single internal pocket for convenience.

These backpacks are currently made to order, where we consult with you to make your colour and fabric selections.

We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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